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Terms of Service

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All services provided by OllieJW shall be for the exclusive use of the client other than for the developer's promotional use, unless stated otherwise.

Intellectual Property Rights

Assignment of IPR in website and documentation; licence to use website and documentation; mixed assignment and licence of rights (website); licensing of third party materials (website); waiver of moral rights in website and documentation; further assurance (intellectual property).


The client shall be entitled to full ownership of all project related files upon full payment of the agreed fee.


The client can track their project's progress through direct messages using Discord. The client will be contacted using the provided Discord identifier when ordering a service through the contact form on the home page.


The client will make a full payment prior to work commencing, unless stated otherwise. The project will then start once the payment has been received.


The client shall inform the developer in writing before the project commences if any portion of any material or information provided by the client or if any portion of the project is confidential.

Data protection

Compliance with data protection laws; warranty of Customer's right to disclose personal data (GDPR); details of personal data and purposes of processing by the Developer (GDPR); duration of personal data processing by Developer (GDPR); personal data processed by Developer on instructions (GDPR); informing Customer of illegal instructions (GDPR); personal data processed by Developer as required by law (GDPR); confidentiality obligations on Developer persons processing personal data (GDPR); security of personal data processed by Developer (GDPR); appointment of sub-processor by Developer (GDPR); authorisation for Developer to appoint sub-processors (GDPR); Developer to assist with exercise of data subject rights (GDPR); Developer to assist with compliance (GDPR); obligation to notify Customer of personal data breach (GDPR); Developer to provide data protection compliance information (GDPR); deletion of personal data by Developer (GDPR); Developer to allow audit (GDPR); changes to data protection law.


Standard of services; first party general warranties; website warranties; warranty of legality of website and documentation; website and documentation IPR infringement warranty; breach of website infringement warranty; second party warranty of authority; exclusion of implied warranties and representations.

Acknowledgements and warranty limitations

Website not error free; website not entirely secure; website compatibility is limited; no legal etc advice with website.


Indemnity upon breach: any provision or specified provisions (with definition); conditions upon first party indemnity; indemnity upon breach: any provision or specified provisions (with definition); conditions upon second party indemnity; limitations of liability vs indemnities.

Limitations and exclusions of liability

Caveats to limits of liability; interpretation of limits of liability; no liability for force majeure; no liability for loss of profits; no liability for loss of revenue; no liability for loss of use; no liability for loss of opportunities; no liability for loss of data; no liability for consequential loss; per event liability cap upon services contract; aggregate liability cap upon services contract.

Force Majeure Event

Obligations suspended for force majeure; force majeure notification and information; mitigation of effects of force majeure.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not allowed.


Upon sending payment you agree to the Terms and Conditions above.